Types of natural resources

The key aspect of natural resources is that they dictate the survival of humans and other life forms on earth. These resources include land, rocks, forests vegetationwater ocean, lakes, streams, seas, and riversfossil fuel, animals fish, wild life, and domesticated animalsminerals, sunlight and air. Some examples of natural resources are: They are known as Natural Resources because they provide for the basis of life on earth.

Types of natural resources

Conservation trees and shrubs are a great way to buffer noise and provide privacy and beauty to the landscape. Every year the Natural Resources Districts from across the State of Nebraska help to plant nearly a million trees.

Several varieties of bareroot trees are available. Shrub choices include Chokecherry and Lilac along with several others. If unsure what trees or shrubs would be the most effective in the space available or what each tree or shrub looks like, visit www.

The website has pictures of available species with descriptions of the average height and suggested spacing between trees and rows for effective planting.

There are even charts that tell if the tree or shrub is native to one of four zones in Nebraska and whether it is suggested to plant in each zone. Conservation Trees for Nebraska books are available for free at the District offices during normal business hours.

Types of natural resources

The South Platte NRD and NRCS offices provide assistance with tree and shrub planting plans and have a list of contractors who have been certified in the handling and planting of trees and shrubs. There is also information about cost share opportunities and other services available on this website by clicking Conservation Trees or by stopping by the District offices at Parkland Dr.

For a tree order form, click here. PDF file For your convenience, you can type your order on the form, then print and mail it, or save it and email it to gwittrock spnrd. The winners of these awards make a difference in our District.

Their outstanding efforts set them apart from their peers and their management practices create a sustainable and long lasting environmental benefit.

The criteria met for these producers is not based solely on the cost-share received on their operation, but on their enthusiasm and commitment to creating a better place for everyone. Each year we gather to celebrate their efforts and recognize their hard work.

We are pleased to announce the District Conservation Award Winners! The love, pride and appreciation Walt has for his business is evident to anyone who knows him. People who spend a lifetime in this career know that farming and ranching isn't what you do, it's who you are. Walt has dedicated his mind and heart to preserving the resources that support him.

Over the years he has spent time and money investing in land improvements.

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Walt has worked with multiple agencies and experts to enhance the cropland and rangeland he owns and manages. His dedication has created a progressive operation that is constantly changing and adapting. Gene Mohr attributes much of his success to his family. Gene's loved ones worked side by side with him over the years to get multiple projects done.

Gene and Chari are full-time teachers, but as anyone in Ag knows, that doesn't mean they are part-time ranchers. All operations require time to maintain efficiency. The Mohr's have put in that time. They have worked with conservation offices to maximize range useage while also enhancing wildlife habitat.

Maintaining treerows can be just as labor intensive and time consuming as the initial planting. Healthy tree rows take care and maintenance to become strong assets to any operation.

Types of natural resources

Functional tree rows require maintenance and occasional tree replanting to last in the long-term operation.

In addition to planting the original rows Bob invests in replacement trees to keep his windbreaks full, functional and beautiful. Trees provide a tool for the landowner while also providing land conservation benefits and wildlife habitat.

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The camp also offers events and education to people, young and old, that includes caring for the land and respecting the resources it provides. Anyone who has had an opportunity to be a part of this organization can tell you they focus on the overall concept of taking care of yourself, your land, and everyone who relies on you and the habitat around you.


These individuals and groups within our District are selected based on their continued commitment to conservation stewardship. The District has 5 possible awards each year, though not all may be filled each year. Anyone can make a nomination for these awards.

While the Mathewson Family has shown a commitment to their rangeland throughout the generations, their commitment to each other is what keeps this operation moving forward. Dedication to sustainable agriculture and their way of life keeps them in the business of conservation, but their conservation practices keeps this family in the business of Agriculture.

Their ties to the land pales in comparison to their ties to their loved ones. Your operation is an inspiration, and this award is well deserved! His commitment and input during multiple plans, rules, regulations and processes during his tenure on the Board comes from a deep-seeded love of agriculture and community.

Keith has been recognized several times for that outstanding commitment, and the induction into the Hall of Fame comes as no surprise to those who have worked with him throughout the years.Snow is commonly formed when water vapor undergoes deposition, which is when water vapor changes directly to ice without first becoming a liquid, high in the atmosphere at a temperature of less than 32°F and then falls to the ground.

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The natural environment, with soil, water, forests, plants and animals are all renewable resources, as long as they are adequately monitored, protected and conserved. Sustainable agriculture is the cultivation of plant and animal materials in a manner that preserves plant and animal ecosystems over the long term.

The overfishing of the oceans is one example of where an industry practice or. 7. Dimension 3 DISCIPLINARY CORE IDEAS—EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCES. E arth and space sciences (ESS) investigate processes that operate on Earth and also address its place in the solar system and the galaxy.

Thus ESS involve phenomena that range in scale from the unimaginably large to the invisibly small. Natural resources may be biotic, or deriving from living organisms or organic materials, or abiotic, which come from inorganic materials.

A natural resource is a raw material, or a non-human made material provided by the Earth or environment, which humans can use in a variety of ways.

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