The issue of drunk driving in the prom season

A Deadly Combination Every year, high school students plan and prep for their upcoming prom.

The issue of drunk driving in the prom season

As we near the end of April, we are also approaching the end of the school year. Spring brings a series of proms, and graduation parties all across North Carolina.

And when teens and year-olds drink and drive, the consequences can be increased. Mothers Against Drunk Driving says that consequences that can arise from underage drinking-- other than those in the justice system--can be severe for young adults, regardless of whether a teen drives or not.

The organization says that the majority of deaths that can be linked to underage drinking do not occur in drunk driving car accidents. MADD says that 68 percent of alcohol-related fatalities are from non-traffic related causes-including murder, suicide and alcohol poisoning.

Authorities say that underage drinkers accounted for nearly ten percent of all alcohol sold in the state in Officials also say that 34 percent of high school students admitted in a survey to having consumed alcohol within the 30 days preceding the study.

The data is general data, not related just to the end of the school year.

The issue of drunk driving in the prom season

However, as prom season slides by and the graduation season approaches, many high school, and even college aged kids, may find themselves receiving a citation for underage drinking.

But, the state has a zero tolerance for underage drivers. Essentially, any evidence of alcohol, such as a reading as low as 0. Underage drivers accused of drinking and driving can also expect to have their licenses suspended. Anyone facing underage alcohol offenses in North Carolina should not take the matter lightly.


Teens accused of underage possession or consumption, and especially drunk driving offenses, should consider seeking the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer to assess the allegations and devise a defense to the accusations."It's really just the end result of us trying to help educate our Seniors and Juniors right before prom season of the effects of drinking and driving," said Nick Fahs, Affton Fire Chief.

"I lost my brother to drunk driving," he said. Tim Lena, Timberlane's student assistance coordinator, said the simulators help students recognize the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.

May 16,  · FALL RIVER — With the high school prom season underway, local police departments and school resource officers are looking to educate young people on the possible deadly consequences of driving impaired and indulging in drugs and alcohol.

The Truth About Prom and Alcohol

The Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office has partnered with public schools to raise awareness about fatal effects of drunk driving in schools. Underage Drinking and the Social Host Law in Massachusetts April 26, If you’re a parent of teenage kids, underage drinking is an issue that should be on your radar—especially during prom and graduation season, when most teens are given extra leeway to stay out late and socialize with friends.

May 13,  · In the glow of prom or graduation, even the most sensible kids take risks. Some of the risks teens can face on prom or graduation night are: binge drinking, drunk driving, drug use, rape, drowsy driving as they stay out so late, and unprotected sex.

The issue of drunk driving in the prom season
Drinking and Driving on Prom Night