The alchemist and gifted hands

Aug 13, Christopher rated it it was ok I really disliked this book. I dislike it in the way that I dislike a great deal of modern self help books. Their basic message is that if you want something to happen, you need to want it as hard as you can, without caring about anything else, not allowing yourself to doubt it, or let criticisms will get in the way then it will happen.

The alchemist and gifted hands

Edward lost his left leg in a futile attempt to revive his mother, Trisha, using Alchemy, and lost his right arm in exchange for attaching Alphonse's soul to a suit of armor. Edward is smart, brave and even bold, but also has a prideful tendency to be harsh and arrogant. He harbors a sharp sensitivity to his short height; a recurring gag in both manga and the anime series is for Edward to overly react to people who call him short.

Together, both of them scour the country in search of the Philosopher's Stone in the hopes of restoring their bodies.

Unlike Ed, who lost one of his legs in the failed attempt to revive the brothers' mother, Al lost his entire body. At the last moment, and at the cost of one of his arms, Ed sealed Al's soul in a large suit of armor, making Al almost invulnerable.

But the only means of permanently killing a Homunculus is dwindling their stone until they are unable to revive themselves once killed. The resulting misshaped creatures are later exposed to incomplete Philosopher's Stones that enable them to closely resemble the deceased humans they were intended to be.

These homunculi are led by Danteand feed on incomplete Philosopher's Stones to fuel their powers; they are susceptible to death once enough of the stones are regurgitated. The homunculi of the first anime possess an additional weakness: But Homunculus grew envious of the human race over their mutual emotional support for each other while being the only one of his kind, losing sight of his own gifts and talents while The alchemist and gifted hands on the vain King's desire for immortality.

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He tricks the king into creating a country-wide transmutation circle for the creation of a Philosopher's Stone, whose necessary ingredient is the souls of several living human beings. Once activated, Homunculus ensured that he and the unaware Hohenheim were in the center to absorb the souls of the Cselkcesian population between them.

During the process, Homunculus used Hohenheim's blood within him to create a humanoid husk body to serve as his mobile vessel before parting ways. Father then attempted to purge out his cardinal sins as a means to elevate himself, creating his homunculi offspring to gain a family.

Father then uses his homunculi to gather "sacrifices", alchemists of notable skill who attempted human transmutation and survived and gained knowledge of the "Truth"; these 'sacrifices'' are necessary for Father's plan to work.

The alchemist and gifted hands

From there, Father creates a new youthful body with his powers increased to the point of defying natural order. But Hohenheim's transmutation circle restored the Amestrians' souls to their bodies with Father starting to lose control over the entity within him.

After Edward manages to pierce Father's chest to free the remaining trapped souls that consisted his dwindled Philosopher's Stone, "God" proceeds to turn Father inside out and drags him before the gate. As he is taken away, Father laments the harshness of reality, crying out that he does not understand why reality denies him getting his greatest desires and true freedom being so impossible to achieve.

At his personal Gate of Truth and reduced to his original form, Father is confronted by Truth, who poetically punishes Father by letting the gate drag him back into it where he was presumably created fromthus letting Father stand in God's place in some senses whilst stripping Father completely of the freedom he cherished.

Car Liminger notes that while the entirety of FMA: B could be called epic, "Father's plan [to consume God ] is of such scale and its result so mind-bogglingly spectacular that it can't be called anything else". Over the course of centuries, he regularly annihilates cities and even countries to gain more power.

He's got the blood of millions on his hands, and this doesn't bother him in the slightest. He is the quintessential villain who seeks power just for the sake of having power, and his complete indifference to humanity makes him a true monster. Pride can destroy or manipulate anything that his shadow comes into contact with, see anything through his shadow, possess the bodies of others by repressing their connections to their respective souls, and gain the physical traits of whomever he eats, such as Gluttony 's appetite and sense of smell.

He needs a light source in order to be able to cast, and subsequently use, his shadow, and it can similarly be "killed" if the light becomes too bright.

The alchemist and gifted hands

He gets angered by any defiance coming from his younger "siblings". He thinks in a very biased manner, using excuses to provide justifications for his cruelty. Despite these baleful traits, he has some attachment to his adoptive human mother. The Elric brothers and their allies battle Pride several times, beginning on the eve of the Promised Day.

Edward destroys Pride's body in battle, reducing him to his true form: Two years later, Selim is shown to have grown into a much more compassionate young child.

Bradley is weakened by its presence, strangling Selim to death before he subsequently dies at the hands of Mustang's flames. While Envy can assume their actual form of an enormous leviathan creature, their body pulsing the faces of the Cselkcess citizens who constitute their stone, Envy's true form is revealed to a tiny parasitic creature once enough of their stone is heavily dwindled.

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But, after Mustang kills Lust, Envy takes over as the homunculis' liaison while recruiting Kimblee to capture Dr.The best book I read hands down, is A Course In Miracles That book does it for me!

It provided me with the final pieces I needed to understand who I am and my purpose for being on this planet. A seductive work that seethes with mystery and passion, The Alchemist hurtles readers back through time to an era when magic was sacred and the workings of the world lay in the hands of a few gifted, but tortured souls.

In a stunning feat of unbridled imagination, Donna Boyd A seductive work that seethes with mystery and passion, "The Alchemist hurtles readers back through time to an era when magic was sacred and the workings of the world lay in the hands of a few gifted › Books › Literature & Fiction › Genre Fiction.

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