Pond water paper

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Pond water paper

Gently stir the jar containing the water sample in Pond water paper to ensure uniform distribution of organisms in the water. Using a dropper, place two or three drops of pond water at the center of a clean, sterile microscopic slide.

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Place a clean, sterile cover on top of the water drop This should be done carefully, placing the slide on one edge at a 45 degree angle and gently laying it on top of the water to allow for even spreading of the water sample and remove bubbles 4.

Touch a piece of blotting paper on one side of the slide to absorb any excess water. Place the slide on the microscope stage for observation. On the other hand, students can suspend a microscope slide in to the jar of pond water.

This would also allow microorganisms to attach themselves onto the slide and then can be observed.

Pond water paper

In this case, all microorganisms that had concentrated at the top of the pond water sample attach onto the slide. Students should learn how to use and adjust the microscope from low power to high power to observe smaller and individual organisms.

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While colonies of protozoa can be viewed using 30X on a stereo microscope, other microorganisms such as hydra and daphnia can actually be seen without magnification since they tend to be multicellular.

As such, they can be seen simply using a magnifying glass. On the other hand, using a higher power greater than X would be necessary to properly observe protists diverse eukaryotic organisms. Basic Observations For this experiment, starting with low power, students will have the opportunity to see a number of microorganisms both from the plant and animal kingdom.

Although learning their names and their life cycle may interest the students, they can start by identifying them, comparing them with images on the blackboard or books and differentiating those that belong to the animal kingdom from those that belong to the plant kingdom.

Here, students can sketch down what they observe and later label the different parts of the organisms. Conclusion The primary goal here is for students to observe for themselves the different types of small organisms, which live in the pond and their diversity.

Making rough sketches allows them to draw what they see and how they see them. This also allows them to estimate the different types of organisms they have seen and a sense of how they appear. Moreover, to determine how much they have learnt, the experiment may be followed up by a few guiding questions such as.Amelia Jessica "Amy" Pond - sometimes styled Amelia Williams after her marriage - was a companion of the Eleventh Doctor.

She was nurse Rory Williams' girlfriend and later wife and the mother of Melody Pond, who later became known as River Song. Amy died aged 87 at some point prior to after. Koi swimming in pond with water lilies. This piece is a beautiful work done with chalk pastels on heavy weight pastel paper..

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Original Painting. Jul 18,  · This week, TLB Music ‘s mini camp theme is Little Artists! One of our campers craft activities is creating a water lily pond using Monet’s famous series Water Lilies as inspiration..

Student Materials: a large green paper plate, green lily pads, pink tissue squares, crayons (green & white). In Pond 2: Life in a Drop of Pond Water, students observe microscopic organisms found in pond water using a hand lens, 30x magnification, and x magnification.

Observing these organisms should stimulate discussions about how single-celled living things might . Abstract: There are many things about common pond water that people don’t take into consideration normally.

Pond water was taken from a local pond and observed over the course of five weeks. The results show a noticeable change in pH levels in the water%(4).

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Pond water refers to a standing body of water. This is usually smaller than a lake and may either be man-made or natural. Pond water contains a variety of plant and animal life.

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