My favorite word

Last night, my son looked at me and asked me what my favorite words were. I told him I didn't know even though I totally do know. I just can't say them in front of him. Once in really bad traffic, I said all of my favorite words and then the kids told their father because they're a bunch of damn tattle-tales.

My favorite word

The word actually derives onomatopoeically from two different German words: Today, the word is mostly used to deem something complete and utter nonsense.

Every language has its share of old-timey words and expressions, and German is no exception.

My favorite word

Here we take a look at some of our very favorite vintage German words. Viene dal Sud della California e, tra le ragioni per uscire dal letto la mattina, cita i viaggi, le lingue, e la cultura.

Originario del sur de California, sus razones para salir de la cama son los idiomas, la cultura y los viajes. Every language has its share of old-timey words. I am waiting for a taxi in a dilapidated neighborhood near South Extension, surrounded by building sites filled with broken concrete blocks and curious goats.

A year-old Indian boy introduces himself to me. He takes out a dog-eared notebook and reads, haltingly: He says the teacher wrote it on the board and he copied it down.

Several times he asks me to read it out loud and mimics my pronunciation. This presents education systems all around the world with a headache: But in their haste to expose students to global English or regional e.

Hindi languages as early as possible, local languages are being neglected. The Tibetan education system is a prime example: Compare a child who speaks a local dialect but has Hindi textbooks at school, with a middle-class child whose parents speak English at home and uses English textbooks.

This places an additional burden on teachers, who often not only have to deal with large class sizes but have to support students struggling with an unfamiliar language.She's my favorite character. Riding horses was one of her favorite pastimes, and the country out that way was gorgeous - winter or summer.

He was, in fact, making this soup, his favorite dish. It was an Appaloosa - her favorite breed. If I could draw, you would be my favorite subject. I love the F word. In fact, I love all words that start with F.

Well, mostly all of them. I am very honestly working on the word “fifty,” which has been a hard one to allow to roll off the tip of my tongue and embrace with my whole heart. “Mother” is the first word a baby says and every person then uses it both in the moment of happiness and being scared, when there is a need to share joy and when he feel sad.

So, I believe “mother” is my favorite word because it denotes the most important person in my life and symbolizes the highest of the human virtues.

My favorite word

Sample Descriptive Essay on My Favorite Food. By Lauren Bradshaw. May 27, Sample Essays. However, though I can find food of all kinds in our stores there are foods that stand out as my favorite. I easily walk past the pizzas, the fluffy pasties, pies, and cream cakes.

But when I sit in the restaurant and see the words oxtail stew.

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An introduction to and FAQ about a most peculiar condition: Prosopagnosia not a word one sees very one of the world's few people who actually encounter it .

A monumental event has occurred in my household. I purchased my Word of the Day calendar today. No, you don't understand. This is *big *for me. I am fascinated by words. This is a helpful passion.

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