Leisure and recreation coursework

What if there were an aspect of life with promise and potential to empower people to grow and thrive; provide communities with facilities and services that enhance quality of life; connect people both locally and globally; preserve and protect our natural, historic, and cultural heritage; and contribute to a prosperous economy? What if there was an aspect of life so central to human existence that people spent more time engaged in this critical life pursuit than working or attending school combined?

Leisure and recreation coursework

Students who want to declare a major in recreation and park management at the time of entrance into the degree need to have completed 30 s. Following admission, the student is required to schedule a meeting with his or her RPM faculty mentor.

Students majoring in recreation and park management must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.

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Majors must earn a minimum grade of C 2. Students dropping below the required 2. If a student receives a grade lower than a C 2. Students graduating from the RPM program are eligible to sit for the national examination to become a Certified Park and Recreation Professional CPRP and thereby acquire this valuable credential for professional advancement.

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The minimum degree requirement is s. Foundations curriculum requirements For information about courses that carry foundations curriculum credit see Liberal Arts Foundations Curriculum including those listed below - 42 s. Appropriate score on math placement test or approval of dept chair PHIL SO Common core - 41 s.

RCLS or ; C: Declared RPM major; minimum cumulative 2. Recreational Facilities Management 3 P: Commercial Recreation and Tourism: Survey of Accounting 3 F,S P: Tourism Planning and Development 3 F P: Geography of Recreation 3 F FC: HLTH or ; C for HLTH ; C for Dimensions of Tourism 3 P: Travel and Tourism Management 3 P: Recreation and Park Planning 4 S P: Aquatics Facilities Management 3 Outdoor Recreation: RCLS; or consent of instructor.

Restricted Electives Choose 12 s.

Definitions of leisure, play, and recreation This is an excerpt from The Park and Recreation Professional’s Handbook by Amy R. Hurd and Denise M. Anderson. Defining leisure, play, and recreation provides us as leisure professionals with a strong foundation for the programs, services, and facilities that we provide. Course is designed to increase awareness and knowledge of the needs of members of ethnic and racial minorities, people of lower socio-economic status, women, older adults, people of alternative lifestyles, and people with disabilities when it comes to recreation, sport, and tourism services. Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Please click on the programme for more details or submit an e-application for a balloting programme.

Field Zoology 4,0 F P: SC requirement Recreational Sports Leadership: Applied Sports Psychology 3 P: Health and human performance major or minor, or consent of instructor RCLS Recreational Sport Programming 3 P: Introduction to Gerontology 3 FC: Social Change 3 FC: Any student wishing to declare a major in recreational therapy RT must, at the time of entrance into the curriculum, possess a minimum 2.

This requires 60 documented hours of directed experience assisting with recreational therapy programs and recreation or allied health based services to persons with disabilities. Information relating to this process is provided via department web site, through the HHP advising center and through the RCTX faculty.

Admission to recreational therapy is competitive and limited due to space availability. Majors must maintain a minimum cumulative 2. A student wishing to appeal should contact the RCLS department chair within two weeks of notification of academic deficiency.

Appropriate score on math placement test or approval of dept chair or MATH Appropriate score on math placement test or MATH Appropriate score on math placement test PHIL SO Core - 54 s.Students not enrolled in the Recreation and Sport Management program must have the Chair's permission to register in any recreation course..

Course offerings vary from year to year. Check Generate a Timetable for available course offerings. The MA in Recreation & Leisure with an emphasis in Recreation Administration can be completed in 30 hours over the course of three semesters (Fall, Spring & Summer) when completing an internship capstone experience.

Recreation & Leisure Studies VIRGINIA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY BIRDSONG SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE Recreation and Leisure Studies are a branch of the social sciences that focuses upon improving people’s apply their coursework with a recreation .

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the characteristics of the aging population, particularly as related to recreation, leisure, and lifestyle.

It focuses both on the theoretical aspects of aging and their implications for leisure and on the practical aspects of recreation and leisure program development, delivery, and. REL The Leisure Experience (A,S).

Leisure and recreation coursework

The course introduces students to theoretical concepts and practical applications of recreation and leisure as a contributor to healthy personal, family, and . Leisure Times Program Guide The Leisure Times Guide is a complete listing of the activities, programs and facilities offered through the Parks & Recreation Department in print, and online.

It is published in March and August of each year and distributed by direct mail to most households in Columbia.

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