Custom write on labels

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Custom write on labels

And above that getting the symbols and colors were two separate jobs. The workaround for symbols, though long, is quite good as with that approach the data labels also update if the underlying data updates but not completely Custom write on labels as it does not incorporate if additional data is added which makes it laborious.

The workaround for colored data labels however was a bit lame. May be there is a way via VB wizardry but I am still unaware of it. But as majority still use Exceland so these approaches can still help.

Custom ANSI Warning Labels and Safety Labels.

Following steps help you understand the required: Setup chart and have data labels turned on on your chart. I have the data in column A and B with years and amounts respectively.

You can use Amount column as well but to make but for understanding I am going with one additional column. Left click on any data label and it will select all of them or at least all the data labels of that series.

Left click again and this time only the data label you clicked will be selected.

Create, edit & delete labels

In my case it is cell C2. Now the cell is connected to that data label. Repeat this process until all the cells are connected to each data label.

From left click custom and have your cursor in the type field and follow these steps: Let go the ALT key and you will see that upward arrow is inserted.

Then colon ; key. This completes the argument for positive value. Let go the ALT key and you will see the downward arrow is inserted.

Custom write on labels

Hit 0 key and then ; key. This completes the argument for negative value. Click OK button to close the format cell box. The chart will show the upward and downward arrow instantly.

In my case I am using a helper column for data labels. So I not only have to update my helper column to include more rows but also connect each additional data label to newly added cells. Have a look at the last 2 data labels once the new data is added and chart is updated:Configure your: Woven Labels - Text & Symbol Size: 2 1/2 in.

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