Billie holliday essay

She was born in Philadelphia but grew up in the Fell's Point section of Baltimore. Her mother, was just 13 at the time of her birth; her father, was Holidays' teenage parents, Sadie Harris aka Fagan and probable father, Clarence Holiday, never married, and they did not live together for a long time. Clarence, a banjo and guitar player worked with Fletcher Henderson's band in the early 30s.

Billie holliday essay

The emotional intensity that she brought into the words she sang was always very memorable and sometimes almost scary; she often lived the words she sang. She did not have a stable life. Her father Clarence Holiday played the guitar with Fletcher Henderson and later abandoned his family. Nonetheless, Billie grew up alone, feeling unloved and gaining a lifelong inferiority complex that led to her taking risks with her personal life becoming self-destructive.

Before and while Billie was famous, she had two role models that would help her achieve her goal of becoming a great recording artist. These important people were Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong. Billie would always tell people: She had a magnificent voice, sense of drama, clarity of phrasing, and unique time, which set her apart from the competition.

Billie holliday essay

Louis Armstrong was said to be the greatest jazz performer ever. He had a raspy voice, and a rich sound in his trumpet. She was never a blues singer in her mind. In fact, she hated to be labeled as one.

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He arranged for her to record a couple of titles with Benny Goodman in Benny Goodman was a clarinetist and bandleader. He was most famous for popularizing swing-style jazz music. During the years of Billie would make some of the finest recordings of her career.Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ changed the world; of that there is no doubt.

Born in an America deeply enveloped in its own rapid metamorphosis, Holiday placed herself at the vanguard for change and equality in upon her initial performance of the song in .

Lady Sings the Blues is a patchwork quilt of anecdotes with no consistent thesis holding it together. One of the major themes has to do with the difficulties of being a black jazz artist in. Essays Tagged: "Billie Holiday" Harlem Renaissance. avery was abolished it opened a pathway for many talented blacks.

Female singers like Bessie Smith, Billie Holliday, and Marion Anderson emerged on the Music scene, with great talent, and Joyful spiri. Billie Holiday transformed the art of jazz singing; modern day jazz singing began with her.

Her life was filled with more sadness and tragedy than joy and love. Billie personalized her tune, something no one ever did in the history of blues and jazz. The Harlem Renaissance, Jazz and Billie Holiday Essay. The Harlem Renaissance, Jazz and Billie Holiday In Harlem, the people sit on their front porches in protest of the summer Sunday sun, fanning themselves with the morning paper as the day slides away.

Out on the streets, neighbors call to each other.

write a essay that can serve as the “liner notes to a LP of 10 songs of Billie holiday of your choice, either recorded or in relation to billie holiday.

The liner notes should explore the music and the artist, while taking into account the context of holiday’s life and times, while making use of the span of writings that have been devoted.

Billie holliday essay
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