Analysis of parting words

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Analysis of parting words

October 23,6: It is true that the world today is far different from the one that I encountered as a new foreign service officer in New global powers are rising, hundreds of millions of people around the world are climbing into the middle class, hyper-empowered individuals with the capacity to do great good and huge harm are multiplying, and more information is flowing more rapidly than ever before.

These realities pose some real challenges and difficult questions for professional diplomats. How can we add value in a world of instant and nearly universal access to information? How important are foreign ministries in an age of citizen awakenings? And who needs foreign assistance from governments when they can get it from private foundations and mega-philanthropists?

These are fair questions, but none of them foretells the imminent demise of our profession. The ability of American diplomats to help interpret and navigate a bewildering world still matters. After more than a decade dominated by two costly conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and the worst financial crisis of our lifetime, the United States needs a core of professional diplomats with the skills and experience to pursue American interests abroad — by measures short of war.

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The real question is not whether the State Department is still relevant but how we can sustain, strengthen, and adapt the tradecraft for a new century unfolding before us.

As I look back across nearly 33 years as a career diplomat — and ahead to the demands on American leadership — I offer 10 modest observations for my colleagues, and for all those who share a stake in effective American diplomacy.

Know where you come from. Shultz would then gently move their finger across the globe to the United States, making the not-so-subtle point that diplomats should always remember whom they represent and where they come from. We cannot afford to forget where we come from, whom we serve, and whom we represent.

The white, male, East Coast, elitist caricature has faded. The percentage of women and minorities has doubled.

Americans are often tempted to believe the world revolves around us, our problems, and our analysis. The recent revolutions that swept the Middle East remind us that this is not always the case.

These revolutions were, at their core, about dignity and the profound humiliation of people denied economic opportunity, a political voice, and solutions to the problems that mattered most to them.

Yet these revolutions still matter a great deal to the United States, and we have a central role to play in helping shape their trajectory. The fact remains that other governments and people look to the United States to help make sense of a chaotic world and to build coalitions to deal with it.

That is true in the fight against the Islamic State, just as it is true in the effort to stem the spread of Ebola.

Analysis of parting words

Other people and societies have their own realities, not always hospitable to ours. That does not mean that we need to accept those perspectives, or indulge them, but understanding them is the key to sensible diplomacy.

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This kind of effectiveness requires a nuanced grasp of history and culture, mastery of foreign languages, facility in negotiations, and the ability to translate American interests in ways that other governments can see as consistent with their own — or at least in ways that drive home the costs of alternative courses.

If we let these basic diplomatic skills atrophy, our relevance will inevitably decline. More than a half-century ago, Edward R.The hood is a series of parting ripples; the A-pillar seems upside down, thinner at the bottom than at the top.

"People hate how hard it is to see out of cars these days," Cartabiano says, "and. Freedom Movement Bibliography. See also: Books Written by Freedom Movement Veterans Book Titles Grouped by Subject Film, Videos & . Argument 10 Parting Thoughts for America’s Diplomats As one of America's foremost diplomats hangs up his spurs, lessons from 33 years at the State Department.

A comeback complete for Novak Djokovic. A Hall of Fame-clinching win for Angelique Kerber. Here are 50 parting thoughts from Wimbledon.

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The secretary of state fired by Mr Trump warns of Russia's "troubling behaviour" as a parting shot. When my grandmother died she had lived in the same house for over fifty years. It was the house where so many memories lived feeding birds in the backyard, rolling Easter eggs down the front hill, sitting on the screened-in front porch playing cards and drinking lemonade.

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