An overview of the presidential actions by washington and the john jays treaty of 1793

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An overview of the presidential actions by washington and the john jays treaty of 1793

Transcription 1 Words to Know before You Go! The John Jay Homestead has about 60 rooms. When John Jay lived at the homestead the farm was around acres. That s about football fields put together. Before proposing to Sarah, John had asked another woman to marry him.

When John and Sarah were married inJohn was 28 years old and Sarah was only 17! John s brother James invented a type of invisible ink. Ben Franklin was a famous printer, publisher and inventor. John Jay was good friends with George Washington.

He was born in New York City in into a well-to-do family. Jay grew up on the family farm in the town of Rye in Westchester and was sent to King s College when he was After graduation he worked as an apprentice in a law office. InJohn married Sarah Livingston, the same year he was elected to the Continental Congress, which had organized to protest Britain s taxes on products used in the American colonies.

Angry that Britain would not listen to the colonists complaints, John Jay became a Patriot. In John Jay was sent by President George Washington to Britain to negotiate a treaty that would solve the problems that had not been fixed when the American Revolution had ended.

Americans disliked the Jay Treaty because they felt that it was more favorable to Britain. Today historians think that the Jay Treaty prevented a war that the new American nation would not have been ready to fight. InJay retired to his farm in Bedford with his wife and three of their five children.

John died in and was buried in the family cemetery in Rye, New York. When the American Revolution began John and his wife Sarah traveled to Spain to try and raise money to help the colonists. In America the British surrendered at the battle of Yorktown and John Jay traveled from Spain to Paris in order to help negotiate the treaty which ended the Revolutionary War.

When the Jays returned to the United States, John supported a new Constitution that created the government we have today. He wrote essays called the Federalist papers to convince New Yorkers to ratify the Constitution.

The colonists who wanted to remain loyal were called Loyalists and those who wanted independence were called Patriots.

The congress was composed of influential colonists, including John Jay, who helped plan the defense of New York from the British and Loyalists.

He employed at least ten secret agents to spy and seek out information about the Loyalists. Nowadays we think of neutral as something that does not take any side. The Neutral Ground was actually the opposite. It was filled with men, women and children from both sides.

This made Westchester County a very dangerous area during the American Revolution. The main danger of the Neutral Ground came from two wandering gangs. The other gang, the Skinners claimed their actions were in support of the Patriot cause.


Both gangs terrorized anyone living in the Neutral Ground. During your visit to the Homestead you will learn details about the gangs that were a constant threat to the inhabitants of Westchester County. You will also discover John Jay s role as a spymaster and his contributions to the defense of New York during the American Revolution.

One of these historic codes is displayed below. This code substituted the letters of the alphabet the top row for the letter beneath it bottom row. The words in italics were written using a historic spy code.

Replace each code letter with its real letter to reveal the secret words. Spies used fcltynffrf like this to get a closer look at their enemies.


This is a self-portrait by Znwbe Wbua Naqer, a British spy, the night before his execution. You will find out more about him and his traitorous friends during your visit to the Homestead., How do you do? viagra et phimosis Additional information is available in Fitch's weekly e-newsletter, 'U.S.

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An overview of the presidential actions by washington and the john jays treaty of 1793

Final page of the Treaty of Paris signed by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Jay Find this Pin and more on The American Revolution by US History Scene. The Treaty of Paris signed in between America and Great Britain ended the revolutionary war in . Volume 75, No. 15B SS MIDEAST EDITION Sunday, May 8, Free to Deployed Areas Something likenormal Syrian capital sees new optimism as .

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[3] First President to add "So help me God" to the Oath of Office.

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